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Hardware Customization

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Customized appearance

Spherical, gun-shaped, hemispherical, bulb-shaped and other wireless camera shells can be customized by users. Customized appearance requires some mold opening fees, and the mold opening cycle is 2-3 months. Unique customized appearance will create your exclusive smart protection weapon.

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Color customization

Black, white, pink, blue, etc. can be customized. Diversified color choices to create a colorful life and show your personality.

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Chip customization

CPU main control chip can be customized, the resolution supported by CPU ranges from 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 8MP, 2MP and 3MP CPU is T23, 4MP CPU is T31, 5MP and 8MP CPU is T41, high-definition lens resolution, to meet your demanding pursuit of picture details.

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Storage customization

Local storage capacity supports up to 256G TF card and cloud storage. Professional customization to record precious moments clearly and comprehensively.

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Night vision function

It is divided into two types of customized functions: full-color night vision screen and black and white night vision screen. Cameras with infrared light sources have black and white screens, white light has color screens, and cameras with dual light sources usually have full-color night vision.

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Transparent customization cycle

To ensure that you understand every step of the customized wireless smart camera, some accessories have a countdown-level production progress, and the account manager provides full support 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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Software Customization

As a distinguished camera buyer, you can also customize the APP functions of the wifi camera, such as:

Timing function

You can customize a time by yourself, remind the elderly at home to take medicine in time, or other emotional care.

Motion tracking

You can customize a picture or action by yourself, such as controlled knives or fire and smoke, and send a danger warning signal to your mobile phone APP in time.

Sound monitoring

You can customize the sound of the child crying, and let the smart wireless camera send you a text message reminder service.

Customized Mode

Yuntong mainly supports three modes for customers: OEM wifi camera, ODM ip camera, and OBM cloud camera.

OEM wifi camera manufacturer

If you are a company or a brand distributor, we can provide you with OEM services. This is a business without waiting. You only need to select the style you need and place an order directly. Our minimum order quantity is 1,000 sets.

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ODM ip camera manufacturer

In addition to OEM, we are also a professional ODM ip camera manufacturer, we can design products according to customer needs, we have high technical capabilities and innovation capabilities to meet customer requirements.

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OBM cloud camera manufacturer

We will provide customers with comprehensive OBM cloud camera manufacturer services, providing one-stop series of customized services from planning, design, R&D, production to marketing.

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Quality Control

Yuntong tracks the entire quality control process of customized wireless cameras. From raw materials to finished wireless smart cameras, they must go through layers of strict quality control. Ensure the smooth progress of customer orders, ensure that the raw materials are environmentally friendly and safe, the size is excellent, and the performance is excellent.

Customer Reviews

Good reviews from all over the world

Exclusive Advantage Functions

If you don't want to customize a wireless smart camera, you can actually buy our existing models to meet your needs.

Full-color night vision

Dustproof and waterproof, smart functions, ready to go.

Recommend YTT6 full-color night vision waterproof outdoor wireless camera.

Intelligent humanoid automatic tracking

Guarding family safety.

All our smart security wifi cameras have this function requirement.

Child crying tracking

Emergency reminder, always pay attention to the baby's status.

We recommend YTBL1, YTBL2, YTBL3.

Two-way call

Real-time interaction, close the distance with relatives and friends.

All products of Yuntong have this function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our FAQs below to find answers to common inguiries. lf you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for personalized help.
  • Can you accept a trial order for smart wireless cameras?
    yes,yuntong accept your smart wifi camera trial order.
  • What are the functions of smart wifi cameras?
    Smart wireless cameras allow you to remotely monitor your home, apartment, or pet through mobile applications. They typically have full HD video recording, motion detection, bidirectional audio, and waterproof functionality.
  • How do i setup my smart wifi camera?
    Many friends are not too clear about installing wireless smart camera, here we summarize several methods and adjustment steps.
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