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Yuntong (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd., is a one-stop comprehensive solution provider and manufacturer of professional intelligent products, focusing on providing high-quality OEM/ODM customized services for world-renowned brands. Its products have covered three major systems: smart security, smart home, and smart pets. At present, the company has more than 800 employees, a factory area of 40,000 square meters, and a daily output of 33,000 units. With its strong R&D capabilities and advanced business philosophy, Yuntong has won the honorary title of National High-tech Enterprise. In the future, Yuntong will use the latest technology to continue to maintain its leading edge in the industry and provide faster and more professional services to world-renowned brand customers.







Development History

Our vision is to become the world's leading smart wireless camera manufacturer, lead the development direction of the smart security industry, and contribute to human security.

Set Up A Counter In HuaqiangbeiStarted Security Business

Yuntong was born in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, known as the "No. 1 Electronic Street in China". More than 50 well-known companies such as Tencent, Han's Laser, and Hytera were born here. American Express also used this place as a starting point to officially enter the sales of security products. , from traditional security to ODM and OEM brands that rely on camera technology and expand to comprehensive services for smart home products.


Officially Launched Corporate OperationsTowards Digital Transformation

American Express is no longer limited to product sales, and has begun to think further about technology and innovation, and officially launched a corporate system operation integrating R&D, production and sales.

By successively introducing embedded DVR projects, NVR and supporting front-end IPC modules, American Express continues to move closer to digital technology.


Entering The Consumer IPC FieldOfficially Introduced V380 Platform

From traditional security to the field of home consumer IPC, American Express has given more professionalism and flexibility to home security based on its accumulation in the traditional security industry compared to traditional security leaders. It is precisely because of this that in less than a year, American Express's V380 market share has grown explosively, and its business has slowly begun to expand overseas.


Ministry of Foreign Trade is Established

Expanding international overseas markets, yuntong's products cover more than 30 countries around the world, taking a leading position in Asia-Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and other regions, with more than 10 million users worldwide!


Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise

The scale continues to expand, with injection molding workshops, SMT and other workshops added, and the business structure optimized and integrated to further improve the complete supply chain system. Yuntong was recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise" and in subsequent development, it also won honorary titles such as "Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" and "Forbes Top 100 Enterprises in the AIOT Field".


Introducing platforms such as Tuya Intelligence and Cloud Ant IoT

American Express is no longer limited to product sales, and has begun to think further about technology and innovation, and officially launched a corporate system operation integrating R&D, production and sales.

Signing "super factory" cooperation contracts with platforms such as Tuya Smart and Cloud Ant IoT and becoming strategic partners, American Express has officially entered a stage of rapid development.


Expand Product Line

Relying on camera technology, we have expanded product lines such as smart pet feeders, sockets, and doorbells, and our production scale has continued to expand.


Self-developed Light Bulb Machine

Focusing on product technology innovation, it has obtained a number of utility model patents. Its light bulb products have surpassed the local American brand Ring many times and ranked BS1 in the security category on the Amazon platform.

R&D Team

R&D team over 75average l5 years experience. With Independent and complete product research and development system, Yuntong provides one-stop professional monitoring product development service.

Product Desginers


Hardware Engineers


Project Managers


Mechanical Designers


Software Engineers


Test Engineers

Factory Introduction

The company has its own mold making workshop and injection molding workshop, multi-functional reliability laboratory, 20 high-speed SMT assembly lines, 35 injection molding machines and 30 assembly production lines, with a monthly output of up to 800,000 units.

Injection Lines

SMT Workshop

Production Line

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Paul Zhao


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